The Designer 設計師

About the Designer:

Bryan Wong commences his career as Jewellery Designer and Gemmologist since 2010.  In 2013, Bryan awarded degree of Bachelor of Art (3D design) from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia; later on, he also completed the FGA programme of UK in coming year, and achieved Open Group – Merit Award in the 15th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition at the same year.

In2017, Bryan achieved Open Group – Merit Award in the 18th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition.

Through unique designs, precious gemstones and fine craftsmanship, Bryan continues to create legends for Jewellery lovers.



珠寶設計師 王澤恩 結合設計師與寶石鑑定師角色於一身,自2010年開始從事珠寶設計,先後完成澳洲科廷大學學位, 英國寶石學協會會員證書 ; 並於第十五及十八屆香港珠寶設計比賽獲得 公開組 – 優異獎。王澤恩 致力結合原創設計, 璀璨與精湛工藝 ; 作品充滿人文藝術色彩, 為顧客打造一個個傳奇。


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