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Neriya Jewellery Co. Ltd

Company Profile:

Formed by Mr. Bryan Wong in 2016, our company is specialized in Jewellery trading and tailor-made service.  We are passionate in manufacturing of 18Kgold, diamond, gemstone, and Italian Cameo Jewellery.  All our design collections are in-house developed by professional Jewellery Designer- Bryan Wong. We create the finest quality for both international and local customers.

To Create Legend, is Our Pride



爾雅珠寶 由 王澤恩 先生成立於2016年,為香港珠寶界新晉企業。本公司專營珠寶訂制及零售。產品包括18K金,意大利卡梅奧貝雕, 鑽石及寶石首飾,所有設計系列均由香港珠寶設計師 王澤恩 精心創作,以原創設計和精湛工藝為客戶打造最優質珠寶首飾。


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