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Have You Consider:

Why do people Love Jewellery?

What’s the value of a ROCK?

Do we Have to be members of particular families to Join the Industry?

Welcome to Join our introduction workshop, our daily topic will be “Creating Value” by Jewellery Designer – Bryan Wong. If you wish to have a Bright future in Luxury Industry, please drop by and spend some time with our Designer.


 Date: 25/4     Time: 7:00 – 8:30 Pm

Address: Room 2001, 20/F 280 Portland Street, Mong Kok

Jewellery Tailoring Service 珠寶訂製服務


Tailoring Service

Jewellery is fusion of one’s style and status.

NERIYA  offers JEWELLERY TAILORING service with Precious Gem-stones and Fine Craftsmanship; each finished design is a piece of art tailored to highlight styles and charisma that are exclusively yours.

Jewels should descend to your love ones; that is why we are pleased to provide CONSULTATION & RESETTING services, giving your precious but dated pieces new life by entering new design values, giving it a chance to descend to your love ones.



爾雅 為客戶提供 [珠寶訂製] 服務,以妳 的獨有氣質、品味個性,配以珍罕的寶石及精湛鑲工,訂製一件只屬於妳, 獨一無二的原創首飾,凸顯你的個人魅力。

珠寶應當世代相傳,如設計不合自我風格或款式已不夠時尚,我們樂意為客戶提供 [顧問及改造重鑲] 服務,為傳承的首飾,重新注入設計風格,創活新傳奇。

18th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competetion- Open Group Merit Award

The 18th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition 第十八屆香港珠寶設計比賽

The Little Carp 魚願- Open Group Merit Award

Category 類別: Earrings 耳環

Mr Wong Chak Yan, Bryan 王澤恩

Sponsoring Company  贊助公司: Neriya Jellewery Design Co Ltd. 爾雅珠寶有限公司


18K Diamond Muti-colour Sapphire Akoya Pearl Earrings, Design by Bryan Wong

Jewellery is fusion of one’s style and status.